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  • Types of Cooktops

    • Electric Cooktop – Less expensive, uses electricity as its power source. Usually comes in two basic designs:
      • Coil Element – Heats the surface with coiled metal
      • Smooth Top – Easy to clean, contemporary appearance
    • Gas Cooktop – A gas hookup is needed in the kitchen before installing. Heats up quicker than the electric cooktop. Comes in two styles:
      • Open Burner – Wide opening cooktop for the burner
      • Closed Burner – Has recessed burners below the surface of the cooktop

Garbage Disposals

  • Types of Garbage Disposals

    • Continuous Feed – This type turns on and off with the power switch
    • Batch Feed – Turns on and off with the disposal lid is engaged


  • Types of Grills

    • Gas Grill
      • Natural Gas – Connected to a gas line in your house for more continuous flow of gas that never runs out
      • Liquid Propane – More easily moved around as they are not connected to a gas line, but instead use propane tanks
    • Charcoal – Food is generally more flavorful, but harder to cook properly due to lack of even heat


  • Types of Dryers

    • Gas – More energy-efficient, requires gas hookup in laundry area
    • Electric – Slightly less expensive, requires 240 volt outlet in your laundry area
    • Laundry Center – One unit with dryer stacked atop washing machine; less capacity but good for saving space


  • Types of Dishwashers

    • Built-in – Typically placed under the counter with pull out racks and drop down doors
    • Compact – Much like built-in models but smaller; ideal for smaller households and RVs
    • Drawer – Installed under the counter top and pulled out just like any other drawer; often two levels
    • Portable – Can be next to or on top of a countertop; generally hooks up to kitchen faucet for water


  • Mattress Components

    • Upholstery Layers – Mattresses can have from 3-9 lays of upholstery
    • Innerspring Coil – The base of the mattress, not to be confused with the boxspring
    • Boxspring – The foundation of the mattress, this is the lower half of the mattress set and absorbs shock from the mattress


  • Types of Microwaves

    • Counter Top – The most common type of microwave, these are placed on the kitchen counter and come in a variety of sizes and power levels
    • Built-In – Built-in microwaves mount underneath cabinets and countertops to save on counter space; often designed as part of a kitchen package but can be purchased separately
    • Over-the-Range – Built-in microwaves placed over the range; as a bonus, they act as ventilation for the range
    • Drawer – The latest model is just like it sounds, and can be pulled out for access
    • Speedcook – Adds additional features like browning, broiling, convection cooking, and grilling


  • Types of Ovens

    • Gas Oven – The standard oven for kitchens using gas as the main power source; come in single and double configurations and use open flame burners to provide heat
    • Electric Oven – Standard in many kitchens that use electricity instead of gas; available in single and double configurations, and use two heating elements, one at the top of the oven and one at the bottom, to provide heat
    • Convection Oven – Preferred by professional cooks, convection ovens use fans to circulate hot air around food for fast and even cooking; some even have a third heating element in the rear, around the fan


  • Types of Ranges

    • Electric Range – Electricity is used as the power source for this combination of cooktop and oven. There are two basic designs:
      • Coil Element – Using coiled metal to heat the surface
      • Smooth Glass Surface – Great for cleaning and a modern look
    • Gas Range – This combination of cooktop and oven requires a gas hookup in the kitchen and is available in two types:
      • Open Burner
      • Closed Burner
    • Dual Fuel Range – Uses both fuel types, gas and electric, to heat up quickly like gas ranges and cook evenly like electric ranges


  • Types of Refrigerators

    • Top Mount – These refrigerators have the freezer compartment at eye level, above the refrigerator compartment; this is generally the most affordable and best-selling type of refrigerator
    • Side by Side – These refrigerators place the freezer and refrigerator compartments side-by-side; the narrow doors are ideal for smaller kitchen
    • Bottom Mount – The freezer is located at the bottom instead; ideal for energy saving and for families that use the refrigerator compartment more often than the freezer compartment
    • French Door – On these the freezer compartment is placed underneath the side by side refrigerator component

Trash Compactors

  • Trash Compactor Force Options

    • 2000 lbs ram force
    • 2300 ram force
    • 5000 lbs ram force

Ventilation Systems

  • Ventilation System Components

    • Hood Canopy – must be properly sized using four dimensions:
      • Holding Capacity
      • Overlap
      • Projection
      • Mounting Height
    • Blower System
    • Ducting

Washing Machines

  • Types of Washing Machines

    • Top Load -  The standard design for washing machines, with the washer door on top of the machine; often less expensive than front load washing machines
    • Front Load – With this type the door is in front and the clothes tumble much as they would in a dryer
    • Laundry Center – This is a unit where the washer is on the bottom with the dryer stacked on top; ideal for smaller spaces

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